A Cure for the January Blahs

January seems to be the dreariest, coldest, most miserable month of the year.  It follows a festive holiday season that begins in November and lasts through New Year's Day.  Then suddenly the party is over, back to work or school, and time to pay the bills.  Many folks choose this time of the year to … Continue reading A Cure for the January Blahs

Healthy and Hearty

We recently moved into a new house.  And since today is January 1st, that means we moved OVER THE HOLIDAYS.  We didn't *have* to do it, but we've been working on this remodel for nearly 9 months, so we were anxious to get in and get settled.  I was determined that we were having Christmas … Continue reading Healthy and Hearty

The Weeknight What To Fix For Dinner Conundrum

I love to cook.  I love trying out new recipes, modifying them, and coming up with my own recipes.  I like to experiment and I like to challenge myself.  Sometimes when I come home from work, I pretend that I'm on an episode of Chopped and I can only use the items in my pantry … Continue reading The Weeknight What To Fix For Dinner Conundrum